breakfast at our house. {recipe: egg muffins}

The morning hours are always a bit of a shock, yes?  In our season of raising littles, gone are the lazy mornings of stretching in our peaceful bed, waking up one body part at a time.  Instead right now, it is a brisk alert to change diapers, get sippy cups, get coffee, feed the littles, clean up spilt milk, get them on a constructive track playing in the other room, get coffee, and finally feed ourselves.

I actually love the morning hours.  I love coffee.  I love my people.

But I need food STAT.  I am a much happier person when my belly is full.

Because of that, I love prepping breakfast ahead of time so all it takes is a quick minute with minimal preparation in those precious early minutes.  Egg muffins are easy to prepare and cook up quickly so have become a consistent favorite in our home.  Lots of times I will cook them on a Sunday afternoon or evening and they last all week.

It is a pretty forgiving recipe- feel free to switch out different protein or different veggies and it would still turn out beautifully delicious!

egg muffins

::: egg muffins :::


egg muffin ingredients
: 10 eggs
: 1 lb breakfast sausage
: 2 cups loose spinach
: peppers
: 1 sweet potato {I use white sweet potatoes}, grated

~ Preheat oven to 350

~ Mix up your eggs in a large bowl and set aside

~ Cook your sausage and sweet potato together in a large skillet, breaking the sausage up into small crumbles.  The two will end up finishing at roughly the same time. {Note on the sweet potatoes: I like to use white sweet potatoes rather than the typical orange. An added “win” is that when I had previously made it with the orange sweet potatoes, the girls thought it looked weird and wouldn’t eat them… the white sweet potato blends in to the egg so they don’t even know its there.}

egg muffin ingredients

~ While the sausage/sweet potato mixture is cooking, chop your peppers and slice up your spinach fairly small

~ Once the sausage is mostly cooked, add in the peppers and spinach in those final minutes of cooking until the peppers are soft and the spinach is wilted.

egg muffin ingredients

~ Add the sausage/vegetable mixture to the eggs and mix together

~ Grease muffin tins and add the egg mixture to the tins until it is about 3/4 of the way full {they will rise a little bit}

egg muffin ingredients

~ Bake for 15-20 minutes, until eggs are set {mine are done at 18 minutes}

egg muffins

These little guys are surprisingly filling- Lane and I eat 2 each for breakfast, though Ellie can throw down 3-4 per meal~!

enjoy, my friends~!


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