option b

Rewind a few months with me here.  To the months when our Colorado ground was covered with snow, to the space when I had a 9-month-old and a 2-almost-3-year-old.

There was one day in that Springtime space that I think of often.  One certain memory that crosses my mind.  Thankfully, it now serves as a reminder that sometimes, I can change the course of our day.

We had had A Day.  You know the ones?  The Days when one baby is fussy and the other is whiny, one is sick and the other is teething, one is ornery and the other is needy.  We had A Day followed by A Night and I didn’t have much left to give when the next morning hit.

This is my Instagram capturing the moment:

making the better choice with kids

We were in need of a “reset” day today after I spent yesterday with one sick little, then up all night with the other little.  I could choose A: Let PBS babysit the girls today while I drank coffee and had a pity party for myself {which I have done} OR B: Fake it till you make it, strap on our snow boots, load up with snacks that’d last us a week, and go on an adventure exploring together.  I assure you, Option B made for a much more fun day.

There are days where I can’t see the choice, I don’t sense the alternative, I feel paralyzed by the demands of the day.  But this day, this time, I saw that I had an Option.  When all 3 of us were in a difficult place, I wanted to just survive the day.  But I rallied, gathered up our gear, and turned the day into a glorious adventure.  We hiked around the foothills, explored, learned how to make snowballs, and had a picnic in the crisp Springtime sun.

A little bit later, a friend of mine tagged me in an Instagram picture of a dinner plate with magnificent waffles.  Her caption was: “After 5 days gone, Andrew’s {her husband} flight home is delayed… waffles seemed like the right response… Sarah, this is my Option B!  (Albeit a bit less healthy of a coping strategy than yours was!”

The thing is, we always have a choice.  This day serves as a reminder for me that things aren’t always what they seem.  That sure, there are moments that seem overwhelming, situations that paralyze.  But try to find the Option B.  Look and see if there might be something that could add a little adventure to your day.  A little sparkle, a shimmer of happiness, a new way of seeing.

Maybe an afternoon trip to get FroYo.  Maybe a dance party.  Maybe a nature walk to collect leaves.

Sometimes, you just gotta fake it till you make it.  Sometimes, you just gotta make waffles for dinner.  Sometimes, you just gotta rally and search for adventure and fun.  It just might turn your day around.

There are so many possible Option B’s out there… do you have any moments when you were at your wits end and you decided to change the story of your day?  Any brilliant ideas of what to do when you need to rally?


what do you think?