delicious summer salad

This has become my go-to summer salad recipe.  Though I love a good salad year-round, there is something about eating salads in the summer- the availability of fresh ingredients, the ability for a quick meal, a light meal in the warm months.

I got this salad idea from my friend Dorothy, so I will lovingly dub this “Dorothy’s Salad.”  Actually, most of my favorite foods right now are inspired by her, so maybe unless otherwise noted, just go ahead and assume that she gave me the idea. 😉

delicious summer salad idea

dorothy’s salad

: arugula
: spinach {or you can make it an all-arugula salad… but arugula can be a strong flavor for some.  I like the mix}
: goat cheese
: sliced cucumber
: chopped tomatoes
: chopped avocado.  Lots of avocado.
: {optional} sunflower seeds
: cooked and sliced protein of some kind {grilled chicken is delicious, I have used Aidell’s chicken and apple sausage; pictured here is salami I had in my fridge which was scrumptious}

: for dressing I just drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar :

::: Assemble your salad :::

This is the only critical tip I have for you: Before I tried this salad, I thought BOTH arugula and goat cheese were disgusting.  Too strong of flavors.  This salad changed both for me, and now I can’t get enough.  I have been known to lick the spoon after adding the goat cheese to my salads.  It is SO GOOD.

So: Lay your greens on the plate.  MAKE SURE THE NEXT LAYER IS GOAT CHEESE!  The combination of flavors will knock you senseless.

goat cheese

For the rest of the salad, just add in ingredients to your hearts content.

Fall in love.

summer salad




  1. Fran Sandifer says

    This looks really good, Sarah—–I haven’t tried goat cheese but I do like arugula and the rest of the recipe items. Maybe I’ll get brave and try the goat cheese also!

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