what we’re eating this week

In the chaos of coming home from being out of town last weekend, Ellie’s first birthday, and some other shenanigans, I didn’t go grocery shopping at all last week.  And really, I am the most devoted of meal-planners and grocery-shoppers.  Here’s the routine: while we surf the tv on Sunday evenings, I surf the internet trying to find either recipes that I like that have worked in the past or something new to experiment with, dutifully make my grocery list dependent on the meals for the week, then spend Monday mornings at our grocery store stocking up for the week.  I try to only have to make it out to the store once in a week, because really- grocery shopping with a 1 and an almost-3-year-old is just not awesome. 😉

But, last week I completely struck out on that task, so yesterday, when we had completely depleted the pantry, this is what we ate: cereal for breakfast, frozen pizza for lunch, and drive-thru Wendy’s for dinner.  With leftover chocolate cake to round out the health factor.

So, today I HAD to get back to routine for the sake of us all, and this is what we’re eating this week.

monday.  Coconut oil poached tilapia {recipe here}, Herb crusted acorn squash {recipe here}, and a green salad.

tuesday.  Bacon Brussels Sprouts {recipe here}.  This is the recipe that won me over to brussels sprouts.  As well as my 2 year old and baby.  I call that a winning recipe.  It’s real good.  {I feel like maybe we’re watching too much Justified because I can only say that in Boyd Crowder’s voice.}

wednesday.  Tacos.  Easy.  Delicious.  Awesome.

thursday.  Guacamole bacon burgers.  Sweet potato fries. {recipe here… I’ve tried any number of sweet potato fries recipes and have yet to land on a good ol’ reliable stand-by recipe.  This is the closest I have found to a winner; the hunt continues.}

friday.  Fajitas.  Probably; Friday’s tend to be shifty for us.

saturday.  Lentil soup for people who thought they hated lentils.  {recipe here… my only tweak to the recipe is to add browned italian sausage}

maybe that’ll give y’all some inspiration if you need it this week!


I’ve got my helpers handy ready to clean up all the dishes.  😉

ek in dishwasher


  1. amy says

    i’m most intrigued by the brussels sprout recipe. (and i always thought it was a brussel sprout. not brussels sprout….spell check doesn’t lie.) i’ve never thought about shredding them. thanks!

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